Research: Organizational capacity & restoration outcomes

The capacity of organizations is affects the outcomes of many ecological restorations (Galatowitsch 2012). The Legislative-Citizen’s Commission on Minnesota Resources enlisted our research team to evaluate their restorations and to figure out which organizational and ecological factors mattered most to restoration outcomes. We identified four factors (2 ecological, 2 social) to be most important: starting condition of the site, the kind of ecosystem being restored, the internal capacity of the restoration team, and whether the project was guided by a plan written by the team (Galatowitsch and Bohnen 2020). We are planning additional research to gain a better understanding of the ways organizational capacity affects restorations and to develop diagnostic tools to assess organizational capacity. 

Recent Publications

Galatowitsch, S. 2022. Organizational capacity and ecological restoration. Restoration Ecology 30: e13757

Galatowitsch, S and J Bohnen. 2020. Predicting restoration outcomes based on organizational and ecological factors. Restoration Ecology 28: 1201-1212.

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