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Galatowitsch, SM. 2012. Ecological Restoration, Sinauer Press, Boston MA. 610 p. (Sinauer is an imprint of Oxford University Press)

Ecological Restoration provides the first comprehensive overview of the strategies being used around the world to reverse human impacts to landscapes, ecosystems, and species. This textbook aims to improve the outcomes of restoration practice by strengthening the connections between ecological concepts and real-world decision-making: students explore each topic considering both research-based knowledge and lessons learned from nineteen actual restorations. Details of these ecological restorations, from underwater reefs to mines in hot deserts, are woven into each chapter, presented as case studies, and used in exercises. Because introductory ecological restoration courses are taken by undergraduate students from a wide variety of academic backgrounds, the book explains and applies basic concepts from many supporting fields that serve as the foundation for practice, including ecology, conservation biology, earth and water sciences, environmental design, and public policy

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